Confidants | Zoe and Lola

Sisters | Zooey Magazine

"Confidants" is our new series that will feature partners in crime. We will learn of partners' individual interests and ultimately their similarities, whether partners consist of couples, siblings, or best friends. To kick this off, we invited sisters Zoe and Lola to share what they love doing (and even eating), and you can bet ice cream waffle cones are on the list somewhere. 

Sisters | Zooey Magazine


  1. Enjoys longboarding
  2. Is a total foodie (loves cooking and eating new things)
  3. Always reading a book 
  4. Has a closet full of Converse All-Star's 
  5. Uses and loves her instant film camera
Sisters | Zooey Magazine


  1. Gets giddy over anything with rainbows
  2. Believes in the magic of unicorns
  3. Eats pink frosted cupcakes
  4. Enjoys watercolor-painting
  5. Pigeon Presents! Books by Mo Willems are her favorites
Sisters | Zooey Magazine


  1. Both born in August and so they love summer
  2. Enjoy trips to the beach
  3. Can be found swimming at the lake
  4. Will eat waffle ice cream cones all day, every day 
  5. Always reading the Tinker Bell books together

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