Things We Love | Wooden Toys

Since our office welcomes a lot of tiny visitors, we have been finding ways to entertain them other than our television (which is proudly hooked up to a VHS player and fully equipped with Disney films). 

We didn't just want to hop to the closest toy store for a cart full of plastic toys, so we did a little research and compiled a list of incredible wooden toy makers. Not only do we feel good that these toys are made using sustainable practices and wood, but that they are also safe for the children to play with. And really, they're so much more aesthetically beautiful for an adult-run office (hah!). 

How do you feel about bringing on more wooden toys rather than plastic? Are there other wooden toy makers that you feel we missed? If so, tag the brands by commenting below! 

Little Sapling Toys | Wooden Toys

This wooden rainbow and beautifully crafted rattle are just two of our many favorites from Little Sapling Toys. This Utah-based company plants a tree for every toy sold! 

Monroe Workshop | Wooden Toys

Em Henderson referred us to Monroe Workshop, and naturally we listened. They have a herd of these unique Mini Robot Horses, which has been sitting gracefully on our office desks. 

Twig Creative | Wooden Toy Camera

You can not go wrong with Twig Creative, a family-operated company that makes the best toy cameras we have ever seen. This is their new Pixie Camera, which is small, yet sweet. It comes with a strap for a full photographer-effect. We love the white paint with the bare wood! 

Tree Hopper Toys | Wooden Toys | Yo-Yo

Yo-yo's anyone? This toy was absolutely irresistible for us, because this was the epitome of our childhood playtime. Everyone owned one, and now that that era has passed, we love Tree Hopper Toys for bringing it back. This yo-yo would make a nice toy for traveling kids, wouldn't it? 

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