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Becky Kimball and her family are a sweet combination and together, they have quickly climbed up our list of favorite families. We were so excited to welcome them into our morning series, even though Becky does not consider herself "morning person," because they sure do know how to make a morning fun.

We spoke to Becky on overcoming bad days and expecting the unexpected when it comes to mornings. 

Becky Kimball, Family in the Morning | Zooey Magazine

What does your morning routine often look like? 

I'm not a morning person and I don't pretend to be one. So my strategy is just to expect the unexpected. Whether it's during the school year and it's straight chaos or a lazy summer morning and all I want is a few more minutes to close my eyes (to the dismay of my youngest), I just know that some mornings are predictably unpredictable. But normally, Sloane wakes me up bright and early and then we go and wake Max up for school. We have breakfast and then get dressed for the day. Afterwards, when Max goes to school, you can always find us outside riding bikes, sitting on our porch, or playing princesses. 

What are some of the challenges you face in the morning, if you've had a bad yesterday? How do you manage that with children? 

As all mothers can relate, you have to remind yourself that whatever creates challenge in your life, in the bigger picture, they are just snippets and make up a small portion of a really great story. I manage this by being realistic with myself. Knowing I'm not going to be all things to everyone but rather being honest with myself and my children.

Becky Kimball, Family in the Morning | Zooey Magazine
Becky Kimball, Family in the Morning | Zooey Magazine

Your home seems like a dream to wake up in. It surely screams simplicity, cozy, and definitely home-like. What does minimalism and simplicity mean to you and your family? 

Clutter stresses me out and if there is one thing I've learned over the years, it affects my mood. For me, simplicity in my environment de-stresses my life. And of course, less stuff means less dust. It also lets us focus on spending time together, whether reading a book together before bed or playing a game. We don't have distractions that can get in the way.

Becky Kimball, Family in the Morning | Zooey Magazine

What is your favorite part about the morning? 

When I can sneak back in bed to snuggle under the covers - even if it's just for a minute. When I get breakfast done and my oldest off to school, Sloane and I usually go back in bed to snuggle. I don't sleep, but it's the time that she and I get some one-on-one time.

Shoes: Zuzii. 

Shoes: Zuzii

Becky Kimball, Family in the Morning | Zooey Magazine

What is your ideal morning? 

When my family is all together. Many mornings I am on single parent duty due to my husband's life flight/firefighter schedule. So when we do have a chance to have a morning with nowhere to be and a day to do whatever we want, those are the ones I cherish most. We like to have dance parties in the kitchen. Sloane prefers the princess and prince dances, but we just like to turn the volume up and dance.

Becky Kimball, Family in the Morning | Zooey Magazine

Photography by Brooke Schultz