Day in the Life | Kadish Park

There is simply nothing more memorable than the time spent together with family. Stephanie Sanchez shares:

Last night we ventured out to Kadish Park in Milwaukee for a picnic. It was brutally hot, but the kids were so excited to have a picnic. Yet, the excitement wasn't fueled by the idea of the food or sitting outdoors on a blanket. The kids were ready ready to explore.

We spent our evening dancing around, smelling wildflowers, and searching for buried treasure. I love how no matter where we go, their imaginations soar and adventures unfold. 

Zooey Magazine at Kadish Park in WI
Zooey Magazine at Kadish Park in WI
Dress: Olive Juice.
Top: Olive Juice. Bottom: Olive Juice. 

Top: Olive Juice. Bottom: Olive Juice

Zooey Magazine | Kadish Park
Zooey Magazine | Kadish
Top: Lucy & Leo. Suspender Skirt: Lucy & Leo. 

Top: Lucy & Leo. Suspender Skirt: Lucy & Leo

Zooey Magazine | Kadish Park

Words and Photography by Stephanie Sanchez