Lady of the Hour: Haley Ramm

Haley Ramm is a familiar face. She has worked with a range of prominent actors including Jodie Foster, Ashley Greene, Emile Hirsch, Patrick Stewart, Denis Quaid, and Jena Malone. Her latest project is MTV’s Worst. Prom. Ever., a movie whose title tells all. Ramm is now taking lead. “I feel like I’m in a transition phase,” says 19-year-old Haley Ramm, “I’m now concentrating on auditioning for more feature films and for series regular roles on TV.”

Through years of supporting roles, in which Ramm assures us she has been “pleased” with, the young actress is now looking forward to a more developed career. “I’ve been working since I was very young doing a lot of television guest star roles, supporting roles in big features and lead roles in indie films. I want to continue to grow as an actress - that’s my primary focus.” Ramm is already taking on power roles including Lifetime’s critically acclaimed Bond of Silence and Director Anthony Burns’ Skateland.

Her new television film is slated to be a big hit among the young adult population. “It’s MTV so [Worst. Prom. Ever. is] not nearly as chaste as Disney’s Prom,” says Ramm (who stars as Heather Spencer), as another prom-related feature film is set to debut late April.

Worst. Prom. Ever is due to be a comedic film, essentially a Friday night laugh for friends. “It’s one of the funniest scripts I had ever read...and I see a lot of scripts!” exclaims Ramm. “We spent almost the entire shoot running around in prom dresses and being put in crazy scenarios.”

Ramm stars alongside Daryl Sabara (Spy Kids) and Chloe Bridges (Camp Rock 2). Ramm is also expected to premiere her newest film Skateland this May in Los Angeles and New York.

The take away message from Worst. Prom. Ever.: “Step outside your box and dare to do things you would never do.”

Photographed by Amanda Elkins Makeup by Kristina Goldberg