Sophia Bush: June/July Cover Girl

Zooey Magazine had the pleasure of working with actress Sophia Bush ("One Tree Hill") who caught out attentions with her charitable works. Bush is not only a genuine beauty, but she is also a lovely person with a passionate drive to save humanity, the environment, and even animals. In this issue entitled the "Empowerment" issue, we have drawn to the conclusion that Bush is not only a fighter for the arts, she's a fighter for all of us. In her exclusive interview with Zooey Magazine, she talks to us about loving to do community service at an elementary age, discusses political issues, and frowns upon how there are more visitors on TMZ than CNN. Bush is only one woman, but hell, she's making a difference worldwide already.

Her issue comes out tomorrow in limited Barnes & Nobles or you can pre-order your digital subscription to Zooey Magazine for Bush's cover.