Angela Trimbur: Tights and Jazz Shoes

An adorable blonde, from Philadelphia, Angela Trimbur claims that “socially, [she is] very excitable.” Having been raised with a secluded childhood and home schooled until her senior year of high school, “[she] still feel[s] like a foreign exchange student at times.” We got together at a local coffee shop to discuss the raging success of her YouTube Laundromat dance video, her goals, and her unique quirkiness.

After meeting about being a contributor to the female driven website,, Angela found herself stumped on a way to participate. “I was super distracted from just coming out of a terrible breakup, and so I decided to make something with all those tears and brain knots,” says the girl commonly found in black tights and jazz shoes. She took the opportunity to create an inspirational video. “I put my headphones on, and I just started dancing,” she says of the making of her infamous HelloGiggles Laundromat video with over a million views in just one months time. Aside from her multiple film and television appearances, Angela is also a member of the alternative comedy theater Upright Citizens Brigade, a place she calls home, and is honored to perform on a stage “where [she] admire[s] everyone [she] share[s] it with.”

When asked of future plans and goals, she tells me that “there’s another [dance video] coming” which I am so anxious to see! She also has been working on new sketches with the popular comedy website,, developing her first feature film, and recently started doing stand-up. Her quirkiness shines through when asked what kind of things inspire her; “The other day I saw a lady riding a skateboard while pushing a baby stroller. So...definitely that.” When asked what something she loved about herself was, after a solid minute of "hmmms" and "ummms", she finally said "I finally decided to just embrace my 'mess'. Like, instead of pushing off all the clothes and hangers off my bed, I consider it more of a 'nest' and just sleep on top of it. Is that considered an answer?"

We talked about our mutual love for the classic show "Friends", and she told me that being a series regular on a sitcom, “to really have fun diving into that character every day for a whole bunch of years” is her ultimate goal. She is looking forward to a long career ahead of her!

Her words to live by: “it’s necessary to surround yourself with people you always want to high five."

You can follow her on Twitter @angelatrimbur

Photography by Melly Lee

Makeup by Genevieve Lamb Interviewed by Kayla Aldecoa