Young the Giant: Off to the Grammys

California’s new golden boys Young the Giant embody everything that is cool about their golden state. Their col- orful, uplifting, indie alt rock sound in- vokes long playful summer afternoons and warm endless nights. While their tracks are being played everywhere, their self titled first album is still going strong, and with a fast selling headline tour to boot, its safe to say that Young the Giant are going places. We spoke with drummer, François Comtois about California, cooking, and the communal laundry basket.

You started 2012 with an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel. That was great! It was our second time on Kimmel so we were a little more prepared. Last time it was a last min- ute thing, so everyone was a little bit nervous, but this time around we knew what to expect, and I thought it went pretty well.

Your tour schedule already lists over 25 sold out shows... All the time we spent before it helps, working away at it, feeling like ev- erything was coming from everything that we were putting in to it. We did a headline tour last year around the same time, and it was a lot of fun but we were driving ourselves everywhere in the van, it was freezing cold, most of the shows we were playing were to 200 to 500 people. So sometimes when 500 people sells out, you feel really good, you feel like there’s meaning to what you do.

You guys have all known each other for a long time, and it seems there’s been big interest on the internet over you all sharing clothes - are you really that close? Haha! I guess it really does happen that we wear each other’s clothes! The same thing happened when I was grow- ing up with my brothers, when I was going to school and I didn’t have any clean shirts, I would just take one of my brothers’. I think that still happens with us, we’re not blood related, but we live together, we do everything together, so we do behave like brothers.

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Interviewed by Francesca Nicol

Photographer: Derek Wood Assistant: Alex Levine

Note: Interview was shortened and reorganized for online.