Just Another Day with Serinda Swan

Zooey Magazine spent an afternoon with actress Serinda Swan who stars as Erica Reed in "Breakout Kings." The actress warmly welcomed us into her home, introduced us to her sweet Frenchie, and let us invade her closet (aren't we so privileged?).

If someone were to spend a day with you, what interesting things would they have learned about you that they wouldn't have known before? Depends on the day, somedays I'm extremely boring, but other [days] you could catch me cycling across Cambodia or skydiving to end sex trafficking.

How did you decorate your home? How would you describe it? Well, seeing that I just moved into a new place, its still sort of in the decorating process, but I would say its a mixture of modern with influences from my travels. So you will see some sleek white leather pieces but with a pillow from Morocco or a little knick knack on my coffee table that I picked up in Cambodia, or South Sudan.

Tell us about your dog...who is adorable by the way! Thank you! I think he's adorable too! His name is Buddha and he is a 5-year-old Frenchie. He's my little man, he comes on all my shoots with me and loves being on set.

Describe your ideal day. One spent with loved ones, doesn't matter what we are doing.

What is on your must-watch list for this season? Or so far? I live in the TV/Movie world so I don't really watch to much but lately I have been obsessed with "Downton Abbey." I watched the whole first season in three days. I love me some Mr. Bates.

Do you seem to find yourself obsessing over something right now? What is it? Mentally - Getting my house in order and settled. Emotionally - Preparing for my trip to South Sudan with the UN foundation and Nothing But Nets to help bring awareness to the serious Malaria situation. Physically - My new skin products Skin Authority, I don't know whats in them buts its face crack, literally, but i cant live without it (that and my trainer Andrew Schuth, he's like a walking gym). Spiritually - This new book I'm reading called The Empty Bowl by Dhyan Vimal.

Tell us about your upcoming projects. What should we look forward to? I have a new movie coming out soon called "The Baytown Disco" with Eva Longoria, Paul Wesley, and Billy Bob Thornton. It's a great movie and I had a blast shooting it. The cast was awesome.

What are a few items that you own that you absolutely treasure? My dog (of course). A box full of my grandmothers recipes that one day I hope I can do justice and cook everyone. A vintage Dior pant suit that my step mother gave me from when she was in her twenties. Its a hard one to answer because most of what I treasure is not material, its more of a relationship, experience or memory.

What's on your music playlist at the moment? I have so many, but Teardrop by Jose Gonzalez is on repeat, and Somebody That I Used To Know by Gotye is too.

What are the typical foods that you love? Do you cook? What are you a master at making? I love Sushi I could eat it everyday. I love cooking especially for my friends, and I'm a master at making bizarre drinks (my favourite is a strawberry basil Serrano pepper margarita).

Pet peeve? Old Socks.

If your friend was to describe you, what are the words they'd use? A deceptively massive dork.

Photographed by Vince Trupsin Hair/Makeup by Angie Miller