Los Angeles gets 'Unique' for Mother's Day

Zooey Magazine's team attended the Unique LA for the second time this year, and we just can't get enough of it! We saw friends (Cake Bar, DEUVO, Nan Lawson, and more) from the last show back in February, and met new acquaintances at the Saturday show as well. If Zooey could translate into an event, Unique LA is just that. Food, shopping, DIY's? More please! If you completely missed the event this weekend, there's always more coming up. "State of Unique" is heading to San Francisco soon, and will also be targeting New York City. They're simply taking over! And we're more than okay with it. So what was at the show? Below are some of our favorites out of the hundreds of vendors!

Caine's Arcade moves! This Internet sensation was a huge attraction at the Unique LA event, and little Caine and his family all attended to bring people some cardboard fun.

01. The Cake Bar team! These little cupcakes are more than delicious. Cake Bar also sponsored our Relaunch Party in March, and they were a huge hit! 02. Creme Carmel - you could smell these babies as you walked passed the cafe area. The flan-like sweets are creamy, and well-flavored! 03. Cutie Pie That - Who doesn't love pies? We loved the pink! 04. The Rice Creamery - if you love healthy snacks, this is surely for you. The pudding is to die for! And tastes best when cold!

01. Cardtorial sold wooden cards, an incredible craft. The Mother's Day cards were a huge hit. 02. Greenaid Seedbombs - okay, these were much too fun to check out. For all the gardeners out there, or even the aspiring ones. 03. Conceptual Art - green art that is simple, and easy to take care of. They're air plants! 04. Little Trees Studio - if there's something we have to have, it's stationary. No doubt.

01. We are awful to have forgotten who this vendor is, but their wooden jewelry is adorable! 02. Wood Thumb - these guys are ridiculously rad. They make wooden ties! 03. VOZ - wooden cell phone cases. Crafty AND sturdy.

01. Klai Brown - ceramics for our desire for anything cute. 02. Kyyope - jewelry that we can't resist. And what a fashionista the founder is! 03. LEX - nail polish which gives back. The colors are chosen by fans. 04. Locketship - these girls were a total hit with their outfits. We were on a jewelry overload at the event, which is more than fine!

01. Lulu Dee - see that retro phone card? That's our favorite. 02. Plastique - this image cannot even show you the intricacy of each jewelry piece. They are so incredibly designed! 03. Stacey Winters - a photographer who happens to place her art on fine paper and turns them into physical art. These prints were absolutely lovely, and perfect to decorate your loved ones' rooms.

01. Lyndzi Trang - our Creative Director with her new puppy Sir. He was such a show stopper at the event! 02. Dry Soda - just one of the refreshments at the event. Others included The Naked Grape Wine, BlackStar Beer, IZZE, Honest Tea, GT’s Kombucha, Activate water, and more! 03. OCocoa - handmade chocolate that is too good to resist!

01. Susuten - adorable creations that are handcrafted! 02 - 03. DIY by the Craft & Folk Art Museum. These were so easy to make, and come out so well whether or not you may be an expert with crafts!

Photographed by Daria Kobayashi Ritch