Debby Ryan, A Day in the Life

It is no secret Debby Ryan has made a footprint in television. Starring in the television series "Jessie" (title role), she has fans (over 1 million and counting on Twitter alone) watching her every step...anxious to speak to her, meet her, and simply be her friend.

We had the opportunity to meet with Ryan (19) to showcase her fashion style... Speaking of which, she herself has launched her own fashion web series online! In an original fashion short directed by Austin Farmer, Zooey takes you to the O Hotel in Downtown Los Angeles to spend a day with the young lady herself.

Debby Ryan in "50 Dresses"

Director: Austin Farmer Photographer: Derek Wood Stylist: Chris Horan Hair/Makeup: Amber Bruehl

Location: The O Hotel, Downtown Los Angeles

Special thanks to: Tender Greens and Goodie Girl Cupcakes

In the featured image above, Debby is with a Jo Totes bag.