A Letter from Fred

This summer, Green Shoe Studio in Peoria, Illinois launched an online singer/songwriter contest to work interactively with the talent in their community. Through the contest, they received a unique submission: a manila envelope containing a hand-written letter from a 96-year-old man, Fred Stobaugh, detailing his wonderful life spent with his recently departed wife, Lorraine. The envelope included lyrics for a love song written about Lorraine entitled “Sweet Lorraine,” with Fred explaining that he did not consider himself a musician.

Although the submission did not meet the criteria for the contest, Green Shoe Studio decided to turn Fred’s lyrics into a song by creating original music for “Sweet Lorraine” and recording it in the studio with professional singers... all for free.

As Jake Colgan, producer of Green Shoe Studio says, the recording studio’s mission is “to change the community, one dream at a time.” The song that the studio created, “Oh Sweet Lorraine,” is a beautiful tribute to the 75 years Fred and Lorraine spent together. Thanks to Green Shoe Studio, Fred’s enduring love for Lorraine lives on eternally through song.

If you cried, don't worry. We did too.

Written by Eunice Han