A Few of Our Favorite Things

We've compiled a few of our favorite things for this holiday season. If you're still in need of a gift for a loved one, well, below might just inspire your shopping list! We hope you like these items as much as we do...we have a lot of shopping to do, too! Some things for the mister...

Holiday Gift Guide, Zooey Magazine

1. Bare Made Backpack, by Justin Biel // 2. Glasses, by See Saw Seen // 3. LunarGrand Lace Boots, by Cole Haan // 4. iPad Case, by Stone & Cloth // 5. Cover Art Journal, by Moleskine // 6. Quilted - Shirt Jacket, by J.Crew

Some things for the misses..

Holiday Gift Guide, Zooey Magazine

1. I'm So Tired Sweater, by Hello Merch // 2. Clutch, by Mei Vintage // 3. Raspberry Block Pillow Cover, by Goods by Grinn // 4. White Christmas gift set, by Lush // 5. Happiest Girls are the Prettiest Print, by The Painted Arrow // 6. Hashtag Ring, by Shop Gracie B. // 7. Stamped Brass Cuffs, by Crafts & Love